Performance Validation & Optimization

BruteForce’s Performance Validation & Optimization (PVO) services unify performance testing suites, the BruteForce APT Methodology,and hundreds of successful client engagements. PVO ensures the scalability and performance of enterprise systems and applications. As applications grow in size and functionality, so do the performance needs and expectations for the end-user. Gone are the days where poor application performance only impacted internal resources. Customer facing applications, real-time business management applications, and near-live solutions systems have become the standard. As entire industries place their critical and sometimes only revenue-interfaces online, enterprise applications are serving more users than ever. Performance validation and optimization are more critical than ever.

BruteForce’s PVO offering is a systematic approach to benchmark, test, and tune an application for the best end user performance. The standard cure for performance has been to add hardware or “throw money at the problem”, but the PVO approach advocates true performance ROI, maximizing the efficiency across all levels. From business processes to application code, server hardware to team organization, all factors for application performance are optimized.

Strategically, PVO provides the business with forecasts of performance, capacity, and volume, critical information to plan the procurement and decommissioning of expensive licenses, software, and hardware. This strategic visibility is provided in easy to read dashboards, providing one-metric answers to business questions. The enterprise can effectively mitigate their tactical day-to-day risks, and strategically plan for their future needs.

In terms of testing tools usage BruteForce boasts an impressive 70% certification rate of our consultants* (ISTQB/SCRUM/ISEB/CSQA/CSTE/HP). BruteForce’s PVO services provides the deep technical expertise in performance testing solutions from industry-leading to open source tools; BruteForce’s expertise on PVO tools includes but not limits to:

  • HP Performance Center & LoadRunner
  • SOASTA CloudTest
  • NEOTYS NeoLoad
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

 BruteForce provides a broad spectrum of basic and specialized performance testing offerings that can be adopted by any organization to help meeting any performance testing needs, these offerings are:

  • Load Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Application Performance Management


While application specific methodologies can provide significant value and cost-savings to the client, BruteForce’s PVO methodology remains application agnostic, thus testing your open-source driven web site, or the newly upgrade email system is covered by our methodology. As every customers needs are different, BruteForce has ensured that our methodologies can adapt.

BruteForce’s documentation and training best practices ensure that the knowledge and lessons learned from each engagement stay with the client, and client shadowing is encouraged and welcomed on every project

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